With their 24-strong membership, flowing robes and happy-clappy vibe, the Polyphonic Spree look more like a religious cult than a pop group. The secret of their success, however, is that their mantra-like songs are generally built around choruses as catchy as anything Britney Spears has come up with recently. The Spree's second album picks up where the first one left off, conjuring up the same heady brew of heavenly harps, choral symphonies and cheerful wailing from the wonderfully-named Tim DeLaughter. It's only fair to point out that if you're easily irritated by lyrics that implore you to find the sun and keep the light on in your soul, then you'd best keep your distance. If, on the other hand, your spirit needs a little lifting, then this is exactly the kind of music that can do it. The Polyphonic Spree will never be more than a novelty band - but even so, the pop world is surely better off for having them around.