Things we should have said in 2005, but didn't… #1.

Bored? You soon will be… After an interesting start, which lasts about 30 seconds, The Open begin to drown in their own mediocrity and end up coming across as the competent but lost inbred cousins of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Interpol and the Verve, among others. Epitomising corporate manipulation of The next Big Thing Syndrome when it was released in July 2005, the most offensive aspect of The Open's The Silent Hours (apart from overuse of the definite article) is the fact they are a potentially talented crew but that their abilities are indulged rather than fully realised. With no sharp edges and constant tumbles into blandness, you get the feeling these guys are going in the right direction but aren't quite sure how to get there. So, why pick on something that isn't so very terrible? because the Open seem to know their stuff and could be so much better - especially considering the album was produced by ex-Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde. Is it too much to ask for inspiring lyrics and pulsating riffs?