The world's fifth busiest indoor concert arena is getting a new name. What should it be?

The O2, scene to so many of Ireland's best concerts and sporting occasions over the past few years is no more. The large O2 signage on the building is in the process of being torn off due to the withdrawal of O2 from the Irish market. All assets, including the naming rights of the concert venue, will now be handed over to 3 Ireland.

It ranks only behind The O2 in London, The Manchester Arena, Antwerp's Sportpaleis and Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena for annual ticket sales with a tally of around 670,000 shifted each and every year.

Speculation is currently abound as to what the new name for Ireland's largest indoor arena will be. Some purists on social media are pining for a return to the good ol' days of The Point Theatre but we're not  terribly confident that will end up being the case. Our money's on 'The 3 Arena'.

Still, everyone will still just call it The Point anyway...

(pic via AerTV)