Details of the new Bond film 'Spectre' were released last week, with Daniel Craig reprising his role as 007 for the fourth time.

However, director Sam Mendes has revealed that the singer of the film's theme has also been selected, although not if the song has yet been recorded.

"When will you find out? You'll have to ask Barbara Broccoli," he said, referring to the film's producer. "But I would say - on the basis of the last one - very, very late in the day."

As we all know, the Bond themes have ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous over the years, but Mendes's comments have created feverish speculation in the office today.

Who might provide the next Bond theme?

Let's have a look at the likely candidates:


1) Sam Smith

Although he's a relatively new kid on the block having only released his debut album 'In the Lonely Hour' this year, Sam Smith has got both the international fanbase and the powerhouse voice to take on a Bond theme. It would depend on the song, of course, but we reckon that the 22-year-old would kill it. If we were betting people…

2) Adele

True, she provided the eponymous theme for the 2012's brilliant Skyfall (which bagged her an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BRIT Award) - but she's been quiet in recent years - so taking on the Bond theme for a second time would ensure the Londoner returns with a bang in 2015. It's not unheard of for a singer to undertake more than one Bond theme, either; Shirley Bassey has done three, with 'Goldfinger', 'Moonraker' and 'Diamonds are Forever'. On that note...

3) Shirley Bassey

Wouldn't it be great to have an old school Bond theme again? Skyfall was more our sort of Bond theme - big, sweeping orchestration and epic vocals - and although the 77-year-old Bassey's voice may not be the instrument it once was, it'd be great to hear her belting out a classic of that ilk once again.

4) U2

Let's face it - after the PR disaster that 'Songs of Innocence's release was, U2 need to claw back some sort of relevance. It wouldn't be the first time that they've been involved in Bond themes, either: Bono and The Edge wrote 'GoldenEye', which was sung by Tina Turner.

5) Sia

The Australian singer may be notoriously media-shy, but songs like 'Chandelier' have proven that belting out an epic ballad are not a problem. Could she be worth an outside punt?

6) The Black Keys

Not the most obvious choice, true; but recent years have thrown up some odd rock themes, like Chris Cornell's 'You Know My Name' (Casino Royale) and Jack White and Alicia Keys' 'Another Way to Die' (Quantum of Solace); the Ohio rock duo have moved from bearded semi-obscurity to the mainstream in recent years with songs like 'Lonely Boy' and 'Gold on the Ceiling'. If Spectre's producers have a ragged rock tune in mind, these lads might be the ones to provide it.

7) Pharrell Williams

If only for the reason that he seems to have his fingers in multiple pies - be it writing with Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk, working with notorious slime ball Robin Thicke or under his own steam with global megabits like 'Happy' - the ubiquitous Pharrell is worth considering. OK, so he may not have the voice normally associated with Bond, but neither did Sheryl Crow… 

8) Lana Del Rey

She's got the perfect image and the sultry voice required for a Bond theme, echoing classic theme singers like Nancy Sinatra, Carly Simon and Gladys Knight. It's very easy to imagine the New Yorker adding a touch of glamour to 'Spectre'. One of the frontrunners, we would imagine...

9) Jedward

We kid, we kid.