At its best, hip-hop is one of the most exciting musical genres in the world. At its worst, however, its casual celebration of sexism and violence can be just a bit sickening. The new album from Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson shows the underside of the American rappers' world, and it's not a pretty sight. Over the course of 90 excruciating minutes, the former crack dealer boasts about his money, his cars and his string of swooning girlfriends, to the point where you can understand why so many of his LA rivals are anxious to get their hands on him. It wouldn't matter so much if these monotonous raps were infused with any sense of wit or originality, but sadly The Massacre is completely lacking in both departments. Even a lively guest appearance from his mentor Eminem only highlights the lameness of 50 cent's own performance. Who'd want to be in his gang?