Given how the music video now has over 62 million views in the space of a less than a month, it seems kind of odd that it's taken The Louvre this long to capitalise on its popularity.

The tour is a 90-minute guided walk through the Louvre and follows the music video's path, which takes in a total of 17 artworks - including Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' and 'The Coronation Of Napoleon' by Jacques-Louis David - and, presumably, some kind of explanation as to why the Carters chose the specific artworks to feature in the music video.

Previously, a report by the New York Times had it that Beyonce and Jay Z managed to rent out The Louvre for a relatively small sum; $15 thousand was the highest-reported fee collected by the famous art gallery in 2015. Speaking after the release of the video, a spokesperson for the gallery said that they were "quickly convinced because the synopsis showed a real attachment to the museum and its beloved artworks."

Although figures haven't been released as of yet, it's likely that attendance at the Louvre has gone through the roof since the video landed online. Here's the video again, in case you somehow haven't yet watched it.