This debut album from The Guggenheim Grotto is a little treasure. With wistful lyrics containing nuggets of gold (continuing the treasure theme you scurvy dogs) which tug at the cardiac cords and emote a wonderful sense of time and place, the GG have crafted a flawed, but extremely interesting and heartfelt album. Yes, some of the tracks wear their musical influences on their sleeve - and most certainly a couple of the songs fall into the category of mediocre - however, this is a contemplative beginning for a band which should, all things being fair, have a promising future. Reflective, playful and with something of a cinematic feel to certain tracks - most notably Portmarnock Beach Boy Blue and A Lifetime In Heat - the Guggenheim Grotto, AKA Kevin May, Mick Lynch and Shane Power, have delivered a truly distinctive indie album, and their second album (no pressure lads) is eagerly anticipated - especially if their sound continues to evolve around their ability to produce excellently fashioned ballads and thought- provoking lyrics. Also, it's nice to have such a beautifully packaged album in the collection.