You'll probably be hearing a lot more about The Greenhornes in the coming months - and it's not because this, a compilation of earlier releases, will skyrocket up the charts; rather because its rhythm section has joined forces with Jack White and Brendan Benson to create the newest supergroup on the block, The Raconteurs. Side-projects aside, this particular body of work rests emphatically in the '60s throwback' category, with the majority of tracks sounding like Mick Jagger fronting The Doors (see: Stay Away Girl).Which isn't entirely a bad thing. There are unabashed shades of early Stones throughout (Shame and Misery most specifically), not to mention obvious parallels with the garagey riffs of The Yardbirds and cacaphonous gusto of The Band. The fuzzy/retro production lends an endearing warmth to most songs and keeps what is an ultimately samey sound from getting tired. Particular highlights are the gorgeous Nancy Sinatra-esque collaboration with Holly Golightly (There Is An End) and Shelter of Your Arms, taken from the recent EP produced by labelmate Brendan Benson. Overall, Sewed Soles serves its purpose as an introduction to The Greenhornes' sound rather than an overview of their work. Yes, it's derivative and yes, it brazenly borrows from its forefathers, but it's still a damned sight more convincing than the diluted mimicry of the likes of Jet and their ilk.