The Frank and Walters have always been a pretty odd band, but their new offering really takes the biscuit. On this double CD set you get previously unreleased songs, alternate versions of old favourites, obscure B-sides and a handful of zany covers (The Smiths, The Monkees, Julian Cope). A real hodge-podge then, and not exactly designed to win the Cork trio any new fans. But once you've acclimatised yourself to your surroundings, there are some rich pickings here. Beneath all the wide-eyed wackiness, there's always been a serious core at the heart of the Franks' music, and Paul Linehan's more direct lyrics are often capable of giving the heartstrings a good hard tug. An album of new material is apparently on the way. Until it arrives, this is a highly enjoyable - if downright strange - stopgap.