They have already had massive success with their Amy Winehouse documentary 'Amy', and Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees are currently in post-production on a film about Oasis.

However, there is one musician's story that they would love to tell more than anything: that of David Bowie.

The pair - who are nominated for an Oscar this year for 'Best Documentary' with 'Amy' - said that Bowie is number one on the wishlist.

Producer Gay-Rees told The Hollywood Reporter: "We would kill to make that film. We would do anything to make that film. If his estate is listening, please give us a call…but it’s far too soon. But if there was ever a conversation to be had around it...."

He also said that if it were ever to happen, it would need to be made in a longer format than a 90-minute documentary, given the length and breadth of Bowie's career. "There's so much great material to work with," he said. "Trying to do that in 90 minutes would be tricky."