Sometimes it's best not to change a winning formula. Two years ago a brave Neil Hannon ditched the suit, grew his hair and tried to turn The Divine Comedy into just another indie-rock band. The result, alas, was one of the least successful albums of his career. Wisely, then, he's learnt his lesson - going solo again and returning with a new collection of the witty orchestral pop that made his name in the first place. Dropping only the smugness that was beginning to get a little tiresome, Hannon canters his way through these whimsical tales of emotional dislocation, offsetting the generally melancholic mood with some absolutely top-notch tunes, which are of the once-heard, never-forgotten variety. There's nothing particularly new or surprising here, but long-term fans will simply be relieved to have the old Divine Comedy back again - this is one old friend who's been absent far too long.