A couple of years ago these long-haired Kiwis were at the forefront of what was rather optimistically called the New Rock revolution, and they lived up to the hype by making an excellent debut album. Now that the novelty has worn off, however, somehow the Datsuns just don't seem quite so special any more. For their sophomore effort they've drafted in ex-Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones as producer - a move that sounds perfectly logical, but may have ultimately backfired. For while Jones has tidied up their sound and given it a smart new sheen, he's also taken away the edge that gave them their raw power in the first place. Even if there aren't as many killer riffs this time round, however, Outta Sight Outta Mind is a reasonably stirring rock album - and while the Datsuns may be turning out to be one-trick ponies, it's hard to complain when the trick is as entertaining as this.