Looks like black is the new black. Yes, first Morrissey, now The Cure - for fans of 1980s misery-guts, it's time to re-live that adolescent angst all over again. Strictly speaking this isn't a comeback, since Robert Smith and co have never actually retired (despite his constant threats to do so). This, however, is easily their best album for at least a decade, rich, passionate and bursting with creative self-confidence. Much of the credit should go to producer Ross Robinson, who's more used to working with such American nu-metal luminaries as Korn and Slipknot. By giving the band a cleaner, sharper sound, he's brought their songwriting to the fore - and eliminated the gothic sludge that marred some of their previous outings. Now well into his 40s, Smith is admittedly getting a bit old to be prancing around with bird's nest hair and smudged mascara. But who cares, when he can still produce songs as powerful as 'Lost' and as heart-rending as 'Going Nowhere'? Just one complaint - couldn't someone have thought up a more imaginative title?