Head-banging metal. Pounding techno beats. Avant-garde electro-jazz. Just a few of the things you needn't expect to hear on the new Corrs album. Instead it's the same old formula of soulless, mid-tempo AOR, with the odd fiddle or tin whistle thrown in just to keep the Americans happy. Clearly the Dundalk siblings couldn't care less about being cool, and given that their sales are fast heading for the 30 million mark, you can see their point. But unless you're already a fan, you're likely to find Borrowed Heaven just as dull as anything they've done before. The only really interesting song here is the lush 'Time for Tears', composed by Bono and Gavin Friday for the film 'In America' - and even that just shows how bland the rest of the content is. To give them their due, the Corrs are certainly pleasant, tuneful and very easy on the eye. But if they were any more lightweight, they'd be floating off into space.