After an astonishingly precocious and successful start to their career, The Coral have finally managed to put a foot wrong. The teenage Scousers' third album in just over a year was, as they cheerfully admit, bashed out in a mere seven days - and frankly, most of it should have stayed on the shelf. The songs are as endearingly wacky as ever, but they're also more ramshackle and one-dimensional than before, which means that after a couple of spins, most listeners are likely to grow tired of them. And with a rather murky lo-fi sound (courtesy of ex-Lightning Seed producer Ian Broudie), it's also a lot less accessible than previous Coral outings. Even genius operating on half-power is still worth hearing of course, and there are enough original ideas and spirited playing here to suggest that the band haven't lost their edge just yet. But for album number four, they really should resolve to spend a bit more time in the studio.