If you've ever been to Electric Picnic in the past - and stayed in the campsites - you'll be aware of just how grim things can get (and we're not even talking about the portaloos, here).

The rubbish left behind by people who are presumably happy to live in their own filth and squalor for a weekend is both mind-boggling and truly disgusting - and now videos taken from the scene at Stradballu yesterday have gone viral.

Despite Friends of the Earth encouraging people to clean up their own rubbish and pack their tents to take away with them, it seems that a large portion of festival-goers couldn't be arsed to do either and instead pretty selfishly abandoned ship yesterday morning, leaving the clean-up operation as someone else's headache.

On the other hand, the Gaeltacht campsite was left as clean as a whistle after volunteers organised a clean-up.

So, then - what's the divide, here? C'mon, lads. At the risk of sounding like a disappointed parent, it doesn't matter how hungover you are - clean up after yourselves. It's really not that difficult.