Whether you're currently madly in love, wallowing in heartbreak or completely indifferent to the idea of forming a lifetime bond with another human being, it's impossible to escape Valentine's Day around this time of year.

We can all agree that Valentine's Day really is a load of nonsense (right? RIGHT?), but it would be remiss of us to let the occasion pass without making some sort of comment on it.

In this case, we'll let the music do the talking. Below, you'll find some of the finest love songs that we know (and could think of off the top of our head today). Just for one day, we're embracing it.

If you hate the idea of love and want everyone who's in love to go away forever, on the other hand, we've also thought of you. We're nice like that.

Otherwise, read on…


Huey Lewis and the News The Power of Love

A classic. Fist-bumping, air-punching, hug-a-stranger brilliance from the king of the power-pop anthem, Huey Lewis. We feel the power, Huey. We do.


QueenYou're My Best Friend

So simple and sweet. Written by Queen bassist John Deacon for his wife. "Whenever this world is cruel to me, I've got you to help me forgive." Awww.


Sonny and Cher - I Got You, Babe

A Valentine's Day classic. Overplayed, perhaps, but stripping it back to the lyrics, it's a lovely song - lovelorn defiance in the face of people telling them they won't make it. WELL, THEY DID MAKE IT! For a while. Then it went horribly wrong. Oh well.


The BeatlesSomething

One of the most gorgeous love songs of all time, without a doubt, written by the masterful George Harrison. When that guitar solo comes in, we have been known to choke back a lump in our throat.


Wilco - You and I

Jeff Tweedy and Leslie Feist combine voices on this quite frankly, beautiful love song which is ideal for Valentine's Day. "You and I, I think we can take it / All the good with the bad, make something that no one else has". 


Dusty Springfield The Look of Love

Written by Burt Bacharach but interpreted in that sultry, sexy way that only she could do best, nobody beats Dusty Springfield when it comes to passion. The arrangement of this song just knocks us for six every single time.


The Divine Comedy - If

Neil Hannon is one of Ireland's greatest songwriters of all time, and he's written lots of superb songs - love-related and others. This is one of the best, though. "If you were the road I'd go all the way / If you were the night, I'd sleep in the day / If you were the day, I'd cry in the night / 'Cos you are the way, the truth and the light".


Jackie Wilson - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher

With Wilson's soaring vocals, this song perfectly captures the uplifting, emotional, heart-swelling emotion of being in love. Ahhhh.


Vanessa Paradis Be My Baby

OK, we're getting to the more whimsical end of the scale here. And true, this is a bit of a bittersweet love song considering young Vanessa is essentially pleading with her man not to mess her around - but it's such a smashing pop song that it gets to stay.


Beyoncé and Jay Z Crazy in Love

Awesome brass section, rapping, a hands-in-the-air chorus, super chemistry  - and they weren't even married at that point. Great song, and the fact that it's a love song is merely a bonus.


Ben Folds - The Luckiest

What a songwriter and what a song. "I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you". Cry.


Elbow - Mirrorball

Another lump-in-throat inducing number, this is one of the finest modern professions of love by the wonderful Guy Garvey. "We made the moon our mirrorball / The streets, an empty stage / The city's sirens violins / Everything has changed."


Best Coast - Crazy for You

"I can't do anything without you / Can't do anything with you / You drive me crazy, but I love you / Make me lazy, but I love you." This sweet little garage-pop number sums up the best parts of love in a droll way.