It wasn't the best of nights for Robbie Williams fan Margaret Nash at the singer's recent 'Swing Both Ways' gig in Newcastle. In an attempt to get a high-five from the former Take That man Nash leaned forward but Williams lost his balance and crashed into the 52-year-old fan, breaking her arm and sending her to the hospital for the night. Watch the footage above, the incident happens at around the 1:30 mark.

A spokesperson for the Metro Radio Arena confirmed that Robbie's team have contacted the inured fan.

"We attended to the lady andshe said she had pain in her arm", Paul Tattenden said. "We were later told she had broken in. We got in touch with Robbie's production company and have been in touch with the lady."

Nash is expected to be in a cast for two months as a result of the incident and her daughter is obviously none-too-pleased by it, tweeting at the singer: "You fell on my mam and she's been in hospital with a broken arm. You never even said sorry."

(via Mirror)