At last - Supergrass have done something different. Recorded in France (hence the punning title), Road to Rouen is a record that wallows in downbeat introspection, suggesting that the cheeky chappies of Britpop have finally grown up and realised that life isn't always 'Alright'. Perhaps it's singer Gaz Coombes's family bereavements, perhaps it's the tabloid revelations about drummer Danny Goffey's wife swapping antics. Whatever the reason, these beautifully wistful songs gradually work their way into the subconscious, rather than yielding up all their treasures instantly like the Supergrass of old. At just 9 tracks and 35 minutes it's a little on the short side, suggesting that the band have some doubts about this new direction. They shouldn't - this is the first album in ages to suggest they have a future as well as a past.