Their last album, Angels With Dirty Faces, made Sugababes the most successful girl group in Britain. Now it seems, the formidable trio have their sights firmly trained at the American market - and they've upped the budget accordingly. Three boasts a small army of writers and producers, making it their slickest album to date - but it's also their blandest, and curiously short on the Babes' trademark charisma. It starts brilliantly, mind you, with three surefire R'n'B singles that perfectly show off Keisha, Mutya and Heidi's funky vocals and brattish attitude. In particular the ballad 'Caught In A Moment' has Christmas number one written all over it - on both sides of the Atlantic. From there, however, the quality dips rapidly, almost as if they decided to stop trying too hard once they'd got a few hits in the can. And without the tunes to back it up, their sullen pouting can quickly begin to feel rather tiresome. By anyone else's standards, Three is a pretty good pop album. From the Babes, it's just a little disappointing.