Anyone with fond memories of the Britpop era will feel a twinge of sadness at the news that Suede are to split. The reality is, however, that they probably made the right decision - as this timely singles compilation demonstrates, their best work was well and truly behind them. Before they descended into self-parody, however, they really were a remarkable band - a black-clad, sullen group of sexually ambiguous young men who produced a genuinely exciting brand of whiny glam-pop. In the louche Brett Anderson, meanwhile, they had one of the most intriguing frontmen of the 90s. After three classic albums, sadly, the band developed drug habits and ran out of inspiration – with the result that this collection veers sharply from the divine ('Animal Nitrate', 'The Drowners', 'Stay Together') to the ridiculous ('Electricity', 'She's In Fashion', 'Positivity'). Even so, its best moments make it a more than worthwhile purchase - and a fitting tribute to a band who deserve to be remembered.