Around this time last year, Story of Hair were one of the most exciting new and unsigned bands on the Dublin scene. This was before Fight Like Apes's domination of the DIY-ethos indie niche, before their original lead singer Sinead had departed, and before their impressive demo cuts had been buffed, perfected and committed to tape as their debut EP. With six songs stretched over just twenty minutes, The Ho! Ho! Ho! Stamp leaves no room for superfluous rambles; just as well, then, that the boy-girl quartet make off-kilter indie-rock that's tight, unpretentious and completely bewitching, spattered with riffs that coil around your grey matter like a musical boa constrictor. Without Sound's well-paced stomp is a great starting point, a track that crosses the finish line with a flourish, if not a wheeze; Shoes on Fire is a dark, bluesy rock 'n' roll effort that's suitably murky, and Winston's dreamy Electrelane-style meanderings are just plain lovely. It's the memorable Crybaby that's an instant favourite, though, a song with a sinister, piercing hook that pushes you away and reels you back in simultaneously. The Ho! Ho! Ho! Stamp is a slightly ramshackle offering, but it's this quality that makes Story of Hair so damned charming. More, please.