Some people seem to think it's time for a Sting revival. After all, 'Fields of Gold' has now become a become a modern standard, thanks to the umpteen renditions of it by TV pop star contestants. He also contributed one of the highlights of the last Johnny Cash album, the haunting murder ballad I Hung My Head. And on his new record, the ex-Police star even duets with the ultra-cool Mary J. Blige. Well, sorry - Gordon Sumner may be keeping better company these days, but Sacred Love is still appalling rubbish. An impossibly dreary mixture of piano ballads and jazzy noodlings, it's smug, earnest and, for the most part, unbelievably boring. None of which would be quite so offensive if Sting didn't take himself so seriously, using his lyrics to draw parallels between the warring nations of the world and his own relationships (inevitably, the spirit of September 11 looms large). Frankly, he'd be better off trying to save the rainforests again - because this is the kind of AOR stodge that can make bubblegum pop so appealing.