Electric Picnic tickets may have sold out in record time this year, but there's still hope for those who want to go - although it'll require a bit of legwork. Literally.

The 8th annual RaboDirect Tour de Picnic - an 80km charity bike ride from Dublin to Stradbally - has just launched and is now open for those who fancy raising a bit of cash, getting on their bike and getting a ticket for the festival as their reward.

This year's charities are The Jack & Jill Foundation, Headway and the ISPCC, and the initiative has raised over €1.3 million for various charities over the years.

If you're more of a runner than a cyclist, you can also partake in a 15km run.

To sign up, you'll need to lay down a €100 deposit (which will come off your fundraising total), and then raise €380 by August 1st, 2016.

In return, you'll get support for the 80km cycle or 15km run (supplemented by bus), baggage transfer, return bus, bike transfer home, all the snacks you can eat, special TDP kit, a private party on arrival and of course admission to Electric Picnic. 

Sign up here - but bearing in mind that the festival sold out in just nine days, better register your interest sooner, rather than later.