Like a lot of left-wing Americans these days, country-rock rabble-rouser Steve Earle is an angry man. His last album was all about how much he hates George Bush and the war in Iraq, and on The Revolution Starts… Now he clearly sees no need to change the subject. So we get 'F the CC', a bitter attack on radio censorship and 'Condi, Condi', a sarcastic ode to the president's right-hand woman, Condoleezza Rice. For the most part, however, Earle sticks to what he does best - telling the tales of ordinary men and women, such as the soldiers and contract workers caught up in a war they never wanted any part of. His passion is certainly impressive and the songs, while not quite as melodic as his best, are propelled along by righteous indignation and sheer raw energy. But what on earth is Earle going to write about if John Kerry wins in November?