We're told a band called 'Summer Nights' were making a video there but we don't buy that for one second.

Pull The Trigger, the production company responsible for videos such as U2's 'The Sweetest Thing', has said that the reason Dublin's Samuel Beckett Bridge was closed to traffic for 24 hours was to shoot a music video for an "up n' coming" band by the name of Summer Nights.

The video is being directed by Mark Romanek, the helmer of videos such as Johnny Cash's 'Hurt', Michael and Janet Jackson's 'Scream' and 'Bedtime Story' by Madonna, as well as the Robin Williams movie 'One Hour Photo'.

Now, let's cut to the chase: there probably isn't a band called Summer Nights in Dublin at the moment and it's likely a cover name for a more established act... And you know who has a new album coming out this year? Paul Hewson and the boys, maybe?

Either way it seems like a pretty serious operation was underway on the bridge, with Gardai patrolling and huge security measures in place to protect the identity of the band in question.

Oh, and as per the Irish Times who asked a council spokesman, the cost of shutting down the bridge is €8,241.

That, or there actually is a band out there called Summer Nights....