In what will come a week or so after their twenty-third birthdays, John and Edward Grimes (or Jedward to you young 'uns) will make their return to the stage after a period of inactivity to play an all ages show in Dublin's Olympia Theatre on Friday October 24th.

It is slightly difficult to believe that the twins are firmly in their mid-twenties now, especially since we first had the pleasure of meeting them in the 2009 season of the X-Factor when Simon Cowell initially described them as "not very good and incredibly annoying" but the fact of the matter is that they're bona fide actual adults who drive cars, get married and vote now, all while incessantly high-fiving each other while wearing sparkly waistcoats. 

The boys haven't been up to much lately but those of you who have felt a large Jedward-sized hole in your life will no doubt be happy to hear the news of their return.

Tix will go on sale from 9am this Friday and will set you back €30 incl. booking fee