There's a few things in that headline that could probably do with some unpacking, so let's go through it piece by piece so it doesn't look like it's some bot-generated headline or something.

First off, yes, Snoop Dogg does in fact have a venture capital fund called Casa Verde Capital that's described on their website as "the leading venture capital firm focusing exclusively on the cannabis industry." Snoop has been a pretty vocal proponent of cannabis and its positive benefits for many years, not just going back to songs like 'The Weed Iz Mine' and 'French Inhale'.

Anyway, so Snoop Dogg's VC firm has now invested $10 million in Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, a British research firm that is "researching cannabinoid compounds to test which can be turned into effective drugs or treatments," according to a report by Business Insider. Not only that, one of the members of the Advisory Board for Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies - OCT for short - is none other than Sir Patrick Stewart.

Stewart has been open about his use of cannabis in treating his arthritis, explaining that he believes cannabis to be "one of the world’s most exciting fields of medical research," and that the "possibilities are endless." While OCT's research appears to be focused on medicinal purposes, there's been a surge in formally legalising marijuana for recreational use.

Canada is set to become the second country in the world - Uruguay being the first - to allow for the legal, recreational use of cannabis, with Canada's federal government expecting revenues from excise in the region of $4 billion (€2.6 billion).