Ever since she arrived on the scene, a lot of harsh things have been said - and sometimes by - Sinead O'Connor. No-one, however, has ever been able to deny that she has a truly stunning voice. Hardly surprising, then, that so many people have wanted to collaborate with her over the years, the results of which have now been collected on this consistently rich and rewarding album. While the music varies from the trip-hop of Massive Attack to the world-beat of Jah Wobble, it's mostly sensible enough to take a back seat and let those remarkable child-like vocals shine through. And while the best-known tracks here feature such bona fide stars as Moby, Bono and Peter Gabriel, the presence of Damien Dempsey and Aslan shows that Sinead has always been willing to give home-grown talent a helping hand. As irritating as she can be at times, we should be glad she hasn't really retired - music would be a lot duller without her.