Anyone who finds Dido a bit too bland for their tastes should take a listen to Sia Furler. The Australian chanteuse has been threatening to break through for some time now, having had a Top 10 single ('Taken For Granted') in 2000 and a successful collaboration with chillout merchants Zero 7. But she's yet to capitalise on her early success, which perhaps explains why the perplexingly-titled Colour The Small One is such a depressive affair. Against a backdrop of tinkling pianos and jazzy arrangements, she sleepily slurs her way through some truly bizarre songs about boyfriends who don't like aubergines, drug-induced boredom and the perils of eating too many sweets. It's far too whimsical for its own good, and at times the lack of energy on display is infuriating. Behind all the self-indulgence, however, is the voice of a genuinely fascinating talent - one who could, with time, yet develop into a major star.