Bob Dylan has been on the road bringing pleasure to thousands upon thousands of fans on his famous 'Never Ending Tour' for many a year - which is no mean feat for a 74-year-old, after all.

Now, however, a group of fans have decided to give something back, and set up a crowdfunding campaign to buy Dylan a fancy Sleep Number adjustable bed.

Well, sort of. Alright, it wasn't really a group of fans - it was the folks behind ClickHole, a sister site of The Onion. Still, they set up a campaign titled 'Let's Give Bob Dylan a Nice Bed!' to raise $1,360 on two weeks ago, surpassing their target and raising $1,555 at the time of writing.

It's enough to buy not only a nice bed - which they plan on having delivered to his label Columbia Records' HQ in New York today - but also a Bob Dylan duvet cover.

They have even managed to personalise the bed's remote control to say 'Hi Bob'.

Rewards for people who donated money include 'The ClickHole Twitter account will tweet the words 'Bob Dylan' at you' for $20, to 'We will call you and whisper the entirety of Bob Dylan's discography' for $100. For a $1,000 donation, they say 'We will let you name the bed.'

It's not the 'big brass bed' that he mentions in 'Lay Lady Lady', but no doubt Bob will be happy with his new gift. The person who has to take delivery of it at Columbia Records today may not be so happy.