Carlos Santana's 1999 album Santana sold 25 million copies and bagged eight Grammys into the bargain. No surprise, then, that his record company have been trying to repeat the formula ever since - namely, teaming the world's greatest latin-rock guitarist with a selection of high-profile collaborators. This time around we get such A-listers as Joss Stone, Mary J Blige and Aerosmith's Steve Tyler - but no amount of star quality can disguise the fact that the results are distinctly patchy. The problem is that the songs are totally unmemorable, while Santana's increasingly lengthy solos often sound as if they've been cut and pasted from completely different tracks. A handful of rousing Hispanic tunes linger in the memory, and rescue the proceedings from total disaster. But overall, you're left with the feeling that maybe it's time for Carlos to strike out on his own again.