We know bands take umbridge at being compared to others but, when the counterpart in question happens to be the Pixies, it's not such a bad thing. Barry McGough bears more than a resemblance to Frank Black - vocally I hasten to add. Mc Gough's a whippet that has the range to screech, cajole and lull you within the one sitting. This Cork band's debut album to me possesses a 'Come On Pilgrim' feel. Tracks such as 'Things Fall Apart' and 'In Bed With You' are reminiscent of 'The Holiday Song' and 'Caribou', while the fantastically simple 'Phone Number' has a more Beastie Boys' 'Heart Attack Man' mixed with the Violent Femmes angle. In other words, The Rulers have the ability to move you one minute and then crack you up the next; they don't take themselves too seriously. I hate to churn out the phrase "there's something for everyone" but in this case it happens to be apt. In 30 Minutes We Destroy The Earth doesn't disappoint.