Comparing Rufus Wainwright to most other singer-songwriters is like comparing Oscar Wilde to David Beckham. The precocious young Canadian is quite simply a one-off, and with the likes of Elton John and David Bowie lining up to sing his praises, mass acclaim is surely only just around the corner. His new album provides plenty of evidence of why Wainwright is regarded by those in the know as the sharpest, wittiest and most flamboyant performer around. Amongst other delights, there's an operatic adaptation of a Latin mass, a heartbreaking piano ballad about a schoolgirl crush and the provocative tale of a gay messiah who baptises his converts in semen. Be warned - trying to listen to Want Two from start to finish is a bit like trying to eat an entire box of chocolates at a sitting. Taken in small doses, however, it's a welcome reminder of just how satisfying and intelligent pop music can be.