Poor old Ronan Keating has been taking a terrible hammering from the media lately, despite - or possibly because of - his petulant demands to be taken seriously as a credible artist. But then, what does he expect? His second album is no more or less than a run of the mill collection of glossily-produced pop songs, which contains nothing likely to confuse or alienate the average Boyzone fan in the slightest. In fact the choice of the, er, 'mature' Garth Brooks ballad 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' as the leadoff single turns out to be somewhat misleading, as virtually every other track here is an uptempo rocker along the lines of Ronan's previous chart-topper 'Rollercoaster'. The writer of that song, New Radicals' Gregg Alexander, has penned much of the material here too - and yet, somehow the formula just doesn't feel quite as fresh this time around. Destination? Frankly, Ronan needs to find a new one.