Prepare yourselves, people: some silly person has gone and put the idea of a Westlife/Boyzone supergroup into Ronan Keating's head.

Rather more worryingly, the Boyzone frontman seems to think it's actually a good idea.

In an interview to promote his new solo album with PA, he said that a McBusted-style supergroup could be possible in the future.

"The idea's been thrown around alright. Different collaborations," he said. "Not just Westlife, but Girls Aloud and lots of different collaborations. I don't know. Maybe, maybe. Never say never to those sort of things.

"We'll see. Not right now, but maybe, maybe we would. It'd be cool fun I think to do something like that, definitely."

Boylife? Westzone? Westboy? Zonelife? The possibilities, as they say, are endless...