You need in your possession all but two things to enjoy this third album from the guitar thwacking duo - a basic appreciation of music and an open mind. No one is going to openly confess to having neither, hence we should all be in possession of a copy of their new self titled offering. Rodrigo and Gabriela came to our shores from their native Mexico on a whim, busked on Grafton Street, and then came to the attention of esteemed Irish label Rubyworks. A flurry of tours and the release of 'Foc' and 'Live Manchester and Dublin' followed. Everyone up to speed? Wonderful. This third offering, which has been painstakingly produced by John Leckie (Muse, Stone Roses, Radiohead), curbs the notion that RyG's work is for lovers of flamenco only. Their roots in rock are evident in the opening bars of 'Satori' and 'Ixtapa' (where we're later treated to a spot of gypsy guitar courtesy of Roby Lakotos), but even more so in the epic 'Orion' - a track that I can only describe as a stomper that switches to a sound almost reminiscent of something Floyd. And then there's their cover of Stairway to Heaven, which speaks for itself. Leckie has done a phenomenal job in capturing their live sound, the only thing missing is the spectacle of their handiwork which is always mesmerising. Infused and fuelled by passion (Diablo Rojo, a fitting tribute to a rollercoaster, being a prime example) 'Rodrigo y Gabriela' is not an album to whip on for a spot of relaxation.