Robbie Williams participated in a live Q&A with fans on Facebook yesterday and revealed that he would like to rejoin his former band Take That (again) at some point.

When a fan speculated that it may be for their 25th anniversary in 2017, he said "I'm pretty sure I'll be re-joining Take That. When and where, I don't know."

Other questions that were asked and answered included an inordinate number on the topic of being the next James Bond:


"Would you ever consider a serious acting role? You'd make a Great James Bond mate!!!!"

A: I don't think I wanna do anything serious...


'would you and ayda consider a bond and money penny role? lol x"

A: Yes.


"can we expect to see you on the screen as 007 soon?? for me i'm happy to be shaken & stirred…" 

A:  Soon? No. Ever? Maybe...


'What's your favorite track from the new Take That album?"

A: Haven't heard it yet but love the single


"Can you knit Robbie?"

A: No but I'm sure I could


"Whats been the hardest thing to overcome since you've become famous?"

A: Social anxiety



A: Cheese and onion and bacon, with tomato sauce

"Who is your favorite X Factor contestant this year?"

A: I'm not watching it this year...



So now you know.