"He must be contractually obliged by Parlophone to produce a certain number of albums" was the prevailing thought after enduring all of two songs from Ashcroft's third solo offering. There's no other reason why we are being subjected to such jaded material. For someone who holds himself in such high regard I find it strange that this album (along with a selection of ringtones advertised in the CD insert) has been made available for ridicule. He must be too blinded by the light he generated in the 90s to see his now raging complacency. Don't get me wrong, I've always been an admirer of Ashcroft's - yelling the lyrics to 'History' at the stage in Slane, and would consider 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' and 'A Song For The Lovers' defining songs of my generation - but I believe that avid fans and randomers alike will be disheartened by this collection of ditties. Especially considering we waited 4 years. Tracks of note include the title track (although the woman wailing on repeat could become a source of irritation) and 'Break the Night with Colour' (his current release).'Music is Power' appears to be a stab at something Welleresque, while the remainder would be at home in the music collection of those who favour repetitive American affected vocals, computerised strings, wedding guitars and tambourines. As the man, who once made anthems, struts into the hotel lounge of mediocrity; he might want to consider a serious re-evaluation of what has clearly become the day job.