Yep, it was too good to be true. Reports circulated yesterday that B.E.D. nightclub in Newry had somehow secured a 'personal appearance' from Pharrell Williams at their establishment in Co. Down a couple of days after his date with Kanye West in Marlay Park on July 2nd but these reports have been well and truly nixed by the singer's US publicists.

In fact, Pharrell's representatives stated that he was never booked to perform at B.E.D. and they are investigating how these reports came to be.

The nightclub promoters today said they had acted in "good faith" when negotiating with people they believed represented the 'Happy' singer and had begun promoting the event online and on social media. In fact, tickets had gone on sale with some having been sold already in advance of the supposed appearance.

It is believed that the nightclub had been the target of scammers. A quote provided to from Pharrell's publicity team said: "Pharrell is not affiliated with this event and he and his team have no knowledge of it; unfortunately it appears to be a fraud."

A statement from the nightclub today read: "it is with deepest regret that we make this statement to inform all BED customers that due to events outside the control of Ask1 agency and our principle BED nightclub the Pharrell Williams event, advertised to take place on 5 July 2014, will no longer be taking place."

It continued: "Due to external factors outside of our control we have become aware that the event will not be taking place and we can categorically confirm that Pharrell Williams will not be attending the premier venue BED nightclub."

"All promotions and advertising had been undertaken in good faith and on the basis of negotiations that had taken place up to 25 June 2014. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are equally disappointed that show did not go ahead."

(via BBC)