Afroman's 'Because I Got High' is making a comeback thirteen years after its initial release. Judging by the look of him, it looks like he's been doing little else during that time.

Afroman's pseudo-hit 'Because I Got High' is making a comeback, whether you like it or not. The song, originally part of the soundtrack to Kevin Smith's movie 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back', detailed the rapper's increasingly poor life choices as a result of his fondness for marijuana - but the rapper has now changed his tune (quite literally) in support of the weed legalization movement.

This time around, Afroman lists off the benefits of the drug. In the original song, the rapper missed appointments and screwed up his relationships because of his herbal indiscretions, but now he sings its praises for - among other things - curing his glaucoma.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the re-release, Afroman said: "'Because I Got High' put me on the map - it's what got me a record deal, a Grammy nomination and made me a household name. Getting high - and rapping about it - got me where I am today and I'll be forever grateful for that."

We're not sure whether or not Afroman will become a player in the hot topic that has become the marijuana legalization debate but, sure, it's nice to see him getting out of the house at least.