When true musical giants have been on the scene for over two decades, it's all too easy to take them for granted. Which makes this long-overdue Best Of a welcome reminder of just how many amazing singles REM have released over the years - and why they deserve to rank as one of the greatest bands of all time. Apart from the quality, the stylistic variety on show here is breathtaking - from the alt.folk of 'Losing My Religion' to the hard rock of 'What's The Frequency Kenneth?', taking in beat poetry ('E-Bow The Letter') and West Coast balladry ('At My Most Beautiful') along the way. As a compilation, In Time has its faults: a confusing running order, some glaring omissions ('Drive', 'Shiny Happy People') and two new songs that feel curiously halfhearted. With such a wealth of riches elsewhere, however, it seems pretty churlish to complain. Hesitant buyers should note that initial copies of the album come with a bonus disc of B-sides and rarities - less commercial than the hits but still well worth having.