What's that saying about how you can't beat a classic? Well, Warren G has found a loophole.

The rapper says that he is planning to re-record his biggest hit 'Regulate' from 1994 - as well as the entire album that it was taken from, 'Regulate… G Funk Era', because his former record label Def Jam own the master recordings the original and refuse to part with them.

He told Billboard:  "I'mma re-record it. I'm gonna do a re-recording of the whole album, so then I own my masters. Right now, Def Jam owns my masters. They don't want to give them back and I need to get them back because they been living off me for over 20 years.

"I just want to be able to get my music back in my possession and I owe it. I could live off my own music. If they don't give them back to me, I'll re-record the whole album and then that's considered... I would own the masters of those master recordings. That would all be for me."

"Regulate' was Warren G's debut single and featured the late Nate Dogg, who died in 2011. Last week, he released an EP that acted as sequel to his debut album, 'Regulate… G Funk Era, Pt. II', which featured previously-unheard vocals by Nate Dogg.