Originally a Japanese-only release, this Hail to the Thief-era B-sides and remixes collection is Radiohead's last album on the Parlophone label. Even though it's not much more than a footnote, however, it's still good enough to be of interest to more than just the band's hardcore fans. Some people, of course, will never forgive Thom Yorke and co for turning their backs on indie-rock and delving into the world of twisted electronica. Still, there are some haunting techno pieces here, while the abrasive live tracks show just how powerful the Oxford boys can still be when they really put their minds to it. Radiohead are clearly at another artistic crossroads, and where they go from here is anyone's guess. Until they come out from their shell, this intermittently engaging collection is certainly better than nothing - and should, at least, help to keep the speculation ticking over.