You're probably asking yourself, how do I get an invite to a private three-hour concert at Prince's house of a Wednesday night?

Well, if you were a member of the Minnesota Lynx women's basketball team, you would have been at his famous Paisley Park gaff the other night.

The star threw the bash to celebrate the team winning the WNBA championship, which kicked off at 12.30am. He reportedly opened with 'Purple Rain', even though the team had not arrived at his house yet, and played a hit-strewn set including 'Kiss' and 'When Doves Cry' in front of an eventual crowd numbering around 150 people.

Some of the players even got on stage to dance with The Purple One, the Star Tribune reports, adding that the party continued until 4am after he came out and played another set after the first one. Some stamina, that man.