History of Now, according to Preston Reed is a collection of new compositions written since 2000 along with some old favorites that may not have been available before. And what a collection it is. For those not familiar with him, Preston Reed hails from New York State and has recorded 13 albums since 1979. Now based in Europe, Preston composes and plays all of his own work on a range of guitars, from steel string acoustic, solid body electric, semi-acoustic, 12-string and classical (amongst others). His work encompasses many genres and this is quite apparent on his latest work. From the bluesy stlyings of early Rhythm and Blues to Ballads to Jazz to Rock to a wider World feel, History of Now really shows Preston at his best. With flavours of Robert Johnson, Mike Oldfiled (circa Guitars release) and Ry Cooder, History of Now is an emotional rollercoaster. The opening track, Dead Cool starts the album off with a definite flavour of what to expect. Excellent playing, fantastic melodies and a range of sound that showcases Preston's abilities. From the frenetic Twang Thang and Corazon to the beautiful ballad stylings of False Spring and Woman In The Tower, History of Now is highly recommended for those that like well played guitar instrumental music with passion. History of Now is available on the Outer Bridge Records label.