As the title of this compilation suggests, Picturehouse are not exactly the most pretentious band in the world. They're Dublin's finest exponents of feelgood power-pop, best appreciated with a glass in the hand and a massive crowd singing along lustily in the background. Every now and then they slow things down and try to explore their serious side, but somehow it's not really them. Thankfully, Dave Browne and his merry men have usually recognised this fairly quickly and gone back to what they do best. From a commercial point of view Picturehouse have gone up and down like a yo-yo - but as this hugely enjoyable greatest hits package demonstrates, they've managed to rack up far more radio-friendly singles than you might realise. And with two new tracks and a CD-Rom of three videos thrown in, this is a generous package that does their career proud. One of those bands who'll never change your life - but will make the one you've got just that little bit better.