Noel Gallagher got plenty of stick back in the noughties for drinking champers with Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street during the height of Britpop.

Now, just as that memory is fading into the distance, he's been pictured with another person that could futher damage his street cred - and one man who isn't going to let him forget it is his brother Liam.

The elder Gallagher brother was at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday to present the Album of the Year award, and was spotted (and photographed) chatting with none other than Simon Cowell.

Cowell famously recommended Gallagher as a replacement for him on 'American Idol' back in the day, and has tried to get him onto the judging panel of The X Factor since then - so, as they've been schmoozing, does that mean that a collaboration of some kind is on the cards?

In any case, the picture (and Liam's caption) is funny... and that 'Oasis reunion' dream seems to be further and further away...