You recently heard about a lock of John Lennon's hair being auctioned - well, how about owning the first letter that the Beatle wrote?

There's just one catch - you'll need about £30,000 (€38,000) or more to make it yours.

The letter was written by an 11-year-old Lennon in 1951, addressed to his aunt Harrie and thanking her for his Christmas presents. What a polite young man he was.

The letter - which his cousin David Birch was in possession of until now - opens: "Dear Harrie, thank you for the book that you sent me for Christmas and for the towel with my name on it, and I think it is the best towel I've ever seen."

It's being auctioned by, who are accepting bids until April 3rd, according to BBC News. It's expected to fetch upwards of £30,000.