He's been an angry young mod, a style guru and a grizzled old blues artist - but these days, Paul Weller looks like a man who's finally run out of original ideas. So he's decamped to Amsterdam with his old mate Steve Craddock of Ocean Colour Scene and made this entertaining album of cover versions, named after the studio in which they were recorded. As usual with these projects, the results are mixed, although the quality control is generally high. It's at its best when it sticks to the familiar territory of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Noel Gallagher songs, which are well-suited to Weller's impeccably gruff voice. Rather bizarrely, however, he's also chosen to tackle some sugary MOR standards such as 'Wishing on a Star' and 'Close to You', which sound frankly odd when given the Modfather treatment. The best track by far is the English folk standard Black is the Colour, which benefits from some sublime playing by Eliza Carthy. Overall, an enjoyable stopgap - but it's still far from clear where Weller goes from here.